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The DPA Med is a medical device which offers an advanced pain management through back mobilizing and core muscles strengthening.

The DPA Med treats back pain and gait disorders.

The DPA Med stimulates the thoraco-lumbar and lumbo-pelvi-femoral complexes.

It improves the proprioception and the neuromuscular coordination. It strengthens the deep spinal and pelvic muscles, and hip stabilizers. It also generates shoulder-pelvis girdles dissociation. The DPA Med increases the joint range of motion (knee, hip, pelvis, spine) and improves the body posture and the balance. This induces the improving of the 6-Minute Walking test (6-MWT).

The DPA Med is used for Outpatients having locomotor system or neurological disorders.

It benefits to patients for (from paediatrics, adults up to geriatrics):

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