Solution for back pain, gait disturbances and dorsal decubitus.

Medical device and Physiotherapy equipment from medical research


The DPA Med is a medical device which globally mobilizes the lower limbs, the pelvis and the spine in supine position. This mobilization generates a dissociation of the shoulder and pelvic belts as well as a mobility of the pelvis similar to walking. Depending on the patient, it is used passively to work on osteo-articular mobility, among other things, or actively for the purpose of muscle building and proprioception.

This medical device contributes to early mobilization, re-education of the spine, walking as well as all neurological and orthopedic pathologies resulting in loss of mobility, muscle atrophy or prolonged immobilization.

The DPA Med equips hospitals and clinics (ICU, post-ICU, neuroglogy, orthopedics, nephrology), rehabilitation centers and liberal health professionals.


Pack actif Satisform

Range of devices for the rehabilitation of the back and lower limbs. Offer your patients an independent and controlled back course:

Mobidos : proprioception, balance and pelvic / spinal mobility

Quadrischio : quadriceps / hamstring & psoas stretch

Doabdo : Reprogramming and strengthening of the trunk



Spinal arthromotor to mobilize and relax


Prescribing MOVEOSEAT is helping your patients to continue their rehabilitation in the office or at home in order to help them find and maintain a healthy back and much more ...

Nos dernières actualités

Satisform vision

"Previously a mental and physical trainer in the air force, I founded Satisform following a serious road accident. With an additional course in industrial engineering, I launched a research program in 2004 leading to the development of functional rehabilitation devices "
Christophe Bensoussan, Founder of Satisform
The Satisform philosophy is inspired by manual therapy and relaxation techniques to work comprehensively on the osteoarticular and neuromuscular system. The Satisform range of equipment is aimed at physiotherapists and doctors wishing to provide rapid and effective care independently, while stimulating the practitioner's expertise:
  • DPA Med® : appareil de mobilisation globale membres inférieurs/bassin/rachis
  • ZENDOS® : arthromoteur rachidien

  • Mobidos®: proprioception balance and mobility of the pelvis
  • Quadrischios®: reciprocal quadriceps / hamstring and psoas stretch
  • Doabdo®: stretching and strengthening of the trunk


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