Why prescribe MOVEOSEAT®️?


Lifetime prevalence of low back pain (LBP) is reportedly 84% of the general population in developed countries (HAS 2019).

It is estimated that 2 out of 3 individuals in the workforce have had, currently have or will eventually have work-related lower back pain (INRS 2018).

Are your patients suffering from back pain?


Back pain is a multifactorial problem that may be worsened by static sitting.

In fact, static sitting can cause significant spine issues over time, and can lead to joint and muscular stress, as well as pelvis and leg pain.

Nowadays, many professionals endure prolonged sitting at work, which may lead to decreased productivity, with increased medical visits and sick leave. In this context, it is essential to encourage individuals experiencing back pain to regain mobility and physical activity.

Impact of prolonged sitting on your spine

INRS scientists have shown that conventional sitting negatively affects lumbar curvature and back muscles. To avoid this deleterious phenomenon, it is important to adopt an "open" posture that preserves the physiological curvatures of the upright posture.

1a: Sitting results in a rotational movement of the pelvis backwards, which in turn leads to a reduction in lumbar curvature and a "round back"

1b and 1c: the sit-stand and stand postures generate a less significant rotation of the pelvis, naturally preserving physiological lumbar curvature as well as the other curvatures of the spine.

Source: INRS 2020

Postural study in a seated position


Classic chair, sitting ball or moveoseat?

This study looked at the impact of hip flexion on spine curvature (lordosis and kyphosis). A postural analysis of the spine was performed on three types of seats (classic chair, ball sitting and Moveoseat) and compared with the reference standing position.


The results showed that a significant hip flexion (classic chair and ball sitting) negatively affected spine curvatures. Conversely, Moveoseat preserves spine curvatures when compared to the standing position.

Why Moveoseat?

More than a seat, Moveoseat®️ is a real active ergonomic seat. It helps you instinctively maintain physiological posture throughout the day, thanks to hip-opening and mobility.

Moveoseat®️ promotes gentle mobility of the pelvis and back to prevent contracture caused by prolonged sitting. It reduces muscle tension and visceral compressions, and stimulates good breathing.

Increased mobility strengthens the para-vertebral muscles and the abdominal belt providing greater effortless support.

Moveoseat has been designed based on the 4 essential functions recommended by the French National Authority for Health: Mobility, Reinforcement, Proprioception and Flexibility.


  • Promotes mobility;
  • Decreases spinal disc pressure;
  • Strengthens back and legs;


  • Improves proprioception;
  • Increases blood circulation;
  • Improves attention.


By joining MOVEOSEAT, you participate in the development of the local French economy. The production is carried out by the association Bretagne Atelier in Rennes (35) which employs people with disabilities. Our upholstery is made by a local company located near the 24h of Le Mans circuit.

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